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Gene Loss= Genetic Change??

I found the article: Researchers Highlight Gene Loss as Potential Process of Genetic Change, Evolutionary Adaption to be quite interesting and highlighted some points that I have never thought of before. The main focus of this article was that gene loss is a form of evolution which many people seem to overlook. A gene loss can be categorized two different ways: the genome is physically removed through either recombination or transposition or it is still physically in the genome, but has lacked its ability to function due to mutation. This theory is interesting because when we think of a species evolving, we think the species is gaining some new ability to fend off a certain disease, or reducing the jaw muscular structure. The tricky part is when a gene is considered “dispensable” and how many genes that a living organism can lose and still be healthy. Perhaps the most interesting part of this article to me was the section which discussed the similarities in the genomes between chimpan…