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Exam Week

So this week was obviously AP Exam week and I think the exam went okay. I was very confident on the information we had covered thoroughly in class, but there were also a lot of questions on things we had never gone over before. I also wish we would have done more practice with timing throughout the entire year and not just the last week before. It would have been helpful to go through some of the short answer questions while being timed to know how much was enough to write. I was surprised and kind of disappointed that there were no questions involving chi square tests, but the essay questions really were not bad at all.

For genius hour, I have decided to do something involving dissociative identity disorder. A lot of times people will describe a D.I.D. episode as being the passenger in their own body, so I would like to see if I could induce the feeling that most people have experienced when they're driving and they can not remember how they got where they are.