Final Written Reflection ~ Genius Hour

Pt I: Description of your Genius Hour-   What? My genius hour was the study of Dissociative Identity Disorder. I looked into many different aspects of the disorder including the history of the disorder, why/ who suffers from the disorder, the diagnostic process, symptoms and treatment of the disorder, what is happening inside the brain when someone is in a dissociative state, what the alters are like and why they exist, myths surrounding the disorder, and the differences between D.I.D. and other disorders. Where? The bulk of my project took place in class. All of my research was done in class and all of my poster materials were cut out and glued onto colored paper at school. The only thing that I really did at home was my brochure, the powerpoint, and typing up all of my research. When? I worked on my project during class and also during AP Lit because I was doing the same topic for both classes. Why? I had been reading about D.I.D. and other psychiatric disorders and D.I.D. just seemed…

Genius Hour- Final Week!

This week I set up my poster and glued everything on, so most of my presentation is ready to go! I decided that in order to make my presentation more engaging, I will be handing out brochures that are very similar to what my tri fold looks like. Hopefully people will be reading along with me as I am presenting and they will retain more information.

This weekend I just need to practice my presentation a few times and make sure everything is ready to go for when I present on Tuesday! I'm super exited to see what the other seniors have researched over the past month!

Genius Hour- Full Week #2!

All of my research is finally done and is typed up into poster format. This week I spent almost all of my time collecting my information and organizing it into the sections that it will go in. After my research was done, I designed the layout of my tri-fold and started to print out my information. Then came the tedious process of cutting everything out and gluing it onto colored paper... my favorite... not. Everything is coming together quite nicely and the only thing I should have left next week is putting everything on the poster and making the tri-fold look nice!

I have started to think about my presentation and how I would like to make it interesting and engaging, but I have hit a few bumps brainstorming for this one. We'll see how it goes next week in class when I have the minds of the people at my table to help me think of some presentation ideas.

Genius Hour- Full Week #1

So at this point I have decided that I am definitely going to be researching Dissociative Identity Disorder. I have decided which aspects of the disorder I will be focusing on and those are symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, myths, why the disorder occurs, who it affects, history of the disorder, the biological reasons for the disorder, differences between D.I.D. and other mental disorders, and real stories from people who suffer from the disorder. The next step for me is obviously continuing my research and keeping it all organized. It has been a challenge trying to keep it straight which information came from which source, but so far it has not been too much of an issue.

Once all of my research is done I will be able to start designing my presentation and typing everything how I want it to look on the poster. I have been running into some problems with finding pictures that are relevant to the disorder because it is so difficult to visualize, but I think that I have found a few good on…

Exam Week

So this week was obviously AP Exam week and I think the exam went okay. I was very confident on the information we had covered thoroughly in class, but there were also a lot of questions on things we had never gone over before. I also wish we would have done more practice with timing throughout the entire year and not just the last week before. It would have been helpful to go through some of the short answer questions while being timed to know how much was enough to write. I was surprised and kind of disappointed that there were no questions involving chi square tests, but the essay questions really were not bad at all.

For genius hour, I have decided to do something involving dissociative identity disorder. A lot of times people will describe a D.I.D. episode as being the passenger in their own body, so I would like to see if I could induce the feeling that most people have experienced when they're driving and they can not remember how they got where they are.

Heart Week!!!!

How did you do on the work?
I really, really enjoyed looking at the hearts this week. It was cool to look at the demo heart and see how everything connected and how big the lungs were compared to the heart and how tiny the esophagus was. Looking at a real heart was a million and a half times better than looking at a picture of a heart or a heart replica. We also took the test this week and I think it went okay. I was expecting a lot more meiosis and heredity, but I still think I did alright.  What do you think you understand well?
I think I understand how blood moves into and out of the heart. It really helped being able to see the chambers, veins, and arteries. While I was studying for the test I had a really firm grasp on the beginning of the unit (meiosis and heredity) and not as strong of a grasp on 4.11-4.12. I watched a bunch of videos to help me understand 4.12, but it still is not nearly as strong as my understanding of 4.7-4.10.  Where do you think you could improve? I think I co…

Electronic Journal Entry #8

How did you do on the work?
I think I did pretty well on the work this week. My group and I had a lot of fun working on the Excretion project and I think we all learned a lot from making the little handout. We did not have any problems really finding the information necessary for the handout and it was fun learning from other groups. Super excited for heart week!!
What do you think you understand well?
I think I understand the methods of excretion very well as well as the information that the other groups put on their handouts. I definitely need to read over the notes that the other groups made just to make sure everything is solidified in my head!
Where do you think you could improve?
I think I could improve my understanding of 4.12. I still do not understand it that much and would probably benefit from re-watching it. I also would like to really spend time learning the different drawings that each group made so that I can understand each in a different way than just memorizing the facts.