Genius Hour- Full Week #1

So at this point I have decided that I am definitely going to be researching Dissociative Identity Disorder. I have decided which aspects of the disorder I will be focusing on and those are symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, myths, why the disorder occurs, who it affects, history of the disorder, the biological reasons for the disorder, differences between D.I.D. and other mental disorders, and real stories from people who suffer from the disorder. The next step for me is obviously continuing my research and keeping it all organized. It has been a challenge trying to keep it straight which information came from which source, but so far it has not been too much of an issue.

Once all of my research is done I will be able to start designing my presentation and typing everything how I want it to look on the poster. I have been running into some problems with finding pictures that are relevant to the disorder because it is so difficult to visualize, but I think that I have found a few good ones.


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