Cancer Activity 3,2,1

Three Things I Learned From This Activity:

  1. Specific chromosomes are more frequently affected by cancers. In our group a common chromosome was seventeen. 
  2. We saw a patient that only had two gene mutations and can have cancer. 
  3. My patient had different totally genes from any of the other people in my group which showed that different genes can cause the same cancer. All of the different mutations led to Leukemia which is very interesting to me. 
Two Things That Surprised/ Interested Me:
  1. I thought it was interesting how scientists are working to try and rid the body of cancer. Leukemia treatments involve taking out stem cells before the cancer treatment starts to make sure they are not affected by the poison that will soon be injected into the body. Once the treatments are over, the stem cells are injected back into the body. 
  2. I really thought it was interesting that different genes can cause the same type of cancer. It seems kind of crazy that totally different genes on totally different chromosomes can cause the exact same cancer. Weird. 
One Question I Still Have:
  1. Why do you need to have at least two mutations for cancer to happen? Why can one mutation not lead to cancer?